Asset management

MN is one of the largest pension administrators and asset managers of and for Dutch pension funds. We conduct integral asset management for nine Dutch institutional clients with total assets of more than EUR 175 billion. 

MN is an organisation without a profit motive and therefore differs from most providers of fiduciary management. Our significant volume of more than EUR 175 billion in assets under management means that we can offer competitive rates for your discretionary mandates at external active and passive asset managers. As a result of our volume, we also have access to many different asset classes. Small and medium-sized pension funds can also take full advantage of this, whether or not via the investment funds that MN has set up for this purpose. Thanks to the presence of in-house asset managers, MN can conduct part of the management at even lower costs. This is a vital and distinctive factor for all our clients.


Distinctive character

At MN, the knowledge of pension administration and asset management is clustered. As a result, we differ from other parties in fiduciary management by actively supporting our clients by providing services that go beyond the traditional tasks of asset management. Examples include supporting the activities of your administrative office, conducting an ALM or periodically calculating your capital requirement. However, we do more. Our operational model, in which your investments are recorded line for line in our management system, also allows your compliance monitoring to be performed and detailed risk or other reports to be supplied.

Strategic Investment Framework

A pension fund board is responsible for the investment policy and uses supporting parties when advising and managing. Our approach is based on a modern and effective investment framework. This is what we call the Strategic Investment Framework. The framework sets out the goals that you as a board wish to achieve and how you intend to achieve them. Detailing this investment framework is a time-consuming activity that more than repays itself, not only in quality, but also in efficiency and the extent to which you as a board are in control. A unique feature of our approach is that we draw up the Strategic Investment Framework for all our clients in close consultation with the board. This constitutes that basis for our role as your fiduciary manager.

Internal management
Asset Management is an integral part of the investment proposition and is responsible for administering all internal investment mandates in a socially responsible and cost-effective manner. The team also advises regarding the economic outlook, dynamic asset allocation and product designs and assesses them for feasibility. Various specialists are active within Asset Management. They focus on equity, fixed-income securities and Dutch real estate. The integral treasury approach always ensures sufficient liquidity, including guarantees. We always attempt to strike a balance between costs, manageability and customisation, with ESG aspects being an integral element.

Fiduciary Management and Multi-Management

Within Fiduciary Management and Multi-Management, we are responsible for selecting and monitoring internal and external managers. We are also responsible for the day-to-day management of the investment products. We devote a lot of time and attention to structuring these products. This is to ensure that the investment strategy is in line with the objectives of the client. We eradicate any improper risks and provide high transparency and low costs. The management always focuses on the long term. Investment decisions are always made in a team context. The client is involved in the structuring of the product, the selection of the manager and the day-to-day administration. We provide detailed reports, which ensures that both we and the client are in complete control.