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Doing business with MN

Who we are

Working with our suppliers, we make sure that we can serve our customers and seize market opportunities as effectively as possible. Traditional customer-supplier relationships are transforming into team efforts, co-creation, mutual inspiration, and knowledge sharing. MN’s supplier landscape is also evolving as a result, with established brands being affected by competitive start-ups and the ‘cultural fit’ with suppliers becoming ever more important. At MN, we regard our suppliers as experts. We benefit from their outside knowledge and identify improvement potential. One-size-fits-all purchasing is out,  customer intimacy is in. We deliberately choose to select close but independent suppliers who know what we need.


In order to do business with us , you do not have to be a provider of pension, asset management, and insurance products. We work with suppliers in other fields as well, including ICT, staff hire, consultancy, and facilities.


We want to be a reliable partner to our suppliers as well as our customers. One of the things we offer all our suppliers is a 30-day payment period. This prevents funds from being stuck in unpaid invoices and allows SMEs to have the cash to grow.

Doing business with MN

At MN, we purchase a large number of products and services every year. Responsibility for procurement lies with our central procurement team. We place demands on our suppliers and will specifically look at their experience, ability, financial positon , CSR, integrity, and handling of personal data protection. We may, in fact, ask a supplier or potential supplier to prove their financial and economic capabilities.


These demands are based on applicable laws and regulations, international standards including ISO standards, and specific requirements imposed by the regulatory authorities, i.e. the Dutch Central Bank (DNB) and the Dutch Financial Markets Authority (AFM).


Personal data protection is of vital importance to MN. When entrusting data to third parties, we apply the following ’knock-out’ criteria:


All  these issues are covered by our Standard Terms and Conditions of Purchase, which apply to all our contracts and orders placed with suppliers. We will not accept the terms and conditions used by suppliers. MN’s Standard Terms and Conditions of Purchase are available here.

We also operate a Supplier Code of Conduct as part of our Standard Terms and Conditions of Purchase. In it, we explain how we do business and how we deal with our suppliers, inspired by the ESG principles and ISO 26000 guidelines. At MN, we believe that CSR also involves engaging with our direct and indirect suppliers to encourage them to help us achieve our goals. We expect each of our suppliers to take responsibility for the impact they and their value chain have on the environment, society, and governance. MN’s Supplier Code of Conduct is also available here.

MN’s Procurement Policy establishes the framework and rules for all purchases made by MN. MN’s Procurement Policy is available here.


MN’s billing address is:




Mn Services N.V.

Attn Crediteuren Administratie

PO Box 30025

NL-2500 GA  The Hague


Please note that invoices must state our purchase order number. You will receive a purchase order number from our Procurement department. We will not be able to process your invoice without a purchase order number.


We encourage our suppliers to use e-invoicing. It is quicker, simpler, more accurate, and cuts down the paperwork. MN uses e-invoicing and XML invoices.

Any questions?

If you have any questions, please contact our Procurement team on + 31 (0)70 3 160 160