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Mission and vision

We bring about the viable financial future that people deserve

Our mission

Our services, products and activities are geared to establishing and maintaining a viable financial position for individuals. By contributing to achieving this viable financial position for people, we provide them with vital building blocks for a sustainable and healthy future.

‘That people deserve’

The products we supply are based on contributions and premiums that pension scheme members pay while working. By implementing work-related pension schemes, social schemes and managing insurance for collective agreement parties, we bear joint social responsibility with social partners, pension funds and insurers. Together with these parties, we implement these schemes in a cost-effective, transparent and honest manner.

Our mission can be translated into a vision, which serves as a long-term goal for MN:

The number one service provider for collective income protection and pension solutions

Our vision

MN stands for the excellent implementation and performance of fiduciary management, asset management, pension administration, social schemes and other related income support provisions at acceptable costs. In the sector, we are considered the preferred supplier for a wide range of services with regard to collective schemes.