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Provision of services

MN is one of the parties that has taken the fiduciary management model to a new level. Fiduciary management means that MN advises and supervises its clients throughout the entire asset management process. Our task is not limited to implementing the investment assignments. Together with the client, we assess the objectives, the balance sheet position, the return requirements, the risk profile and we determine the appropriate strategy. Every client has its own account team consisting of an account manager, an investment strategist and a client portfolio manager. This teams supports and gives constructive and proactive advice.

The power of fiduciary management is an integrated approach to asset management, with all asset management activities being aligned, from policy advice and portfolio management to performing risk assessments and reporting to clients and supervisors. This coordination benefits our clients, because experience has shown that optimal service depends on all the various links in the chain being able to communicate rapidly and efficiently.

Our fiduciary management model is supported by internal control. Our investment teams, which are part of Asset Management, are incorporated in a separate unit in order to embed the appropriate checks and balances from a governance point of view. We supply three asset management services: