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Pension communication

MN handles on behalf of its clients all communications to employers and members who are affiliated to the pension fund. The starting point is that pension communication must be transparent, honest and clear. The pension communication requirements, such as the means of communication, are determined by MN and its clients. The processes and systems of MN generate the information that a member or employer needs. The quality of MN staff is decisive to a large extent for the clarity, and therefore the effectiveness, of the communication. The Dutch Pension Communication Act has a major impact on communication with members. The act is intended to provide a personal total pension overview, more insight into uncertainties, a more customised approach and more possibilities for online information provision. MN is holding comprehensive and detailed consultations regarding this matter with the funds.

Pension insight and awareness
MN’s mission is to bring about the viable financial future that people deserve. But what is that financial future? That insight is important for a member. In the past, members just received a Uniform Pension Overview (UPO) on paper once a year. However, there are now more possibilities for members and pensioners to view their personal situation online. For that purpose, MN has invested in recent years in the development of Online Dialogue and Self-Service. This means that members can log in whenever they wish to view their personal situation.