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Pension & insurance administration

MN’s mission is to bring about the viable financial future that people deserve. We are always aiming for high quality at acceptable costs. On the basis of this mission and vision, we work hard to improve the service provision to our clients and to apply our expertise to advise them. MN is a renowned pension administration organisation and institutional asset manager. We are, however, less well known as an insurance administrator for various clients in the metal industry. The policies in question involve supplementary and other income protection insurance for occupational disability risks. On behalf of its clients, MN handles the insurance administration, provides policy advice and deals with communication and complaints.

Cost control: CEM 

MN aims for high-quality service at an acceptable price. One of the ways of gaining an insight into how MN performs with regard to cost control is the CEM benchmark, in which our clients participate. This annual benchmark provides an insight into the cost and service level of our clients. The CEM benchmark compares our clients with other similar pension funds. In addition to insight into the current cost and service level, points for improvements are also revealed. During consultations with our clients regarding the service provision, possible improvements are discussed with a view to raising the standard of services and controlling costs.

Quality of the service provision
MN devotes a great deal of effort to improving data quality and data management. Data management ensures the proactive and systematic detection, solution and monitoring of possible data errors so that the quality of the service provision continues to improve. The quality of the administration is also continually assessed by means of data and plausibility checks. If errors are detected, these are rectified in order to arrive at a situation in which errors are prevented as far as possible.

Glimpse into the processes
We also offer our clients a glimpse into our processes. An event in which a member may be involved is simulated. What happens when a members retires or dies? What processes must be followed and what information does the member receive? These processes are assessed in line with the standards framework of the regulator (the Dutch Central Bank). During these assessments, improvement initiatives are adopted and implemented where possible. All this is reported and documented.

Client, member and employer satisfaction
MN clients are satisfied if their customers are satisfied. Consequently, employer, member and pensioner satisfaction is measured annually under the direction of the administrative offices. Furthermore, MN is performing an ongoing customer satisfaction survey for one of our clients in the context of CEM benchmark performance assessment. This is intended to obtain an understanding of the quality of the service provision of our customer information section and the underlying departments, which will also enable us to improve our existing processes. MN carries out the survey one day a week among all members who have called customer information that day. As soon as members indicate their willingness to participate, we record their e-mail addresses. At the end of the day, members receive an invitation to click on a link to the survey. A questionnaire featuring four brief questions is then shown. One of those questions relates to the level of general satisfaction, and if members are not satisfied they are invited to state why.